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Internal branding for 3 companies, 1 team, with 1 message.

Internal branding for 3 companies, 1 team, with 1 message.
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Who is C.W. Driver

C.W. Driver Companies is a premier builder serving California since 1919. The company’s distinguished history spans a century. C.W. Driver Companies is a multi-faceted builder providing General Contracting, Construction Management and Design-Build services.

Setting The Stage

Heading into the winter of 2020, C.W. Driver was set with a new challenge, finding a way to bring together their three separate companies close together during a pandemic. Our task was to create the messaging, and visuals for the next year and beyond for internal company communications. Our timeline was directed towards unveiling the new internal campaign at the annual (now 100% virtual) company meeting.

Solving The Problem

During the initial call with their team, a couple of them mentioned key goals of what they want their companies to accomplish and become moving forward. (Coming Together, Expanding their projects for upcoming years, Connecting more often, Adapt to the changing world, and Build on 100 year history. With these goals in mind we took a new approach to last years "We are one Driver" messaging to fit into the new mindset. As a solution I decided to break out each into a visual system, all based around the concept of 1. (Together as 1, Expanding as 1, Connecting as 1, Adapting as 1, and Building as 1. From as design aspect, the custom 1 became the core symbol for the companies internally. Each goal, had its own design within the 1 that visually brought to life the concept. In addition to a new graphic system, we introduced a slightly adjusted color pallet that would better suit the digital space, we used a soft black. a cooler red and less white. This allowed the digital communications including the 8 hour long event to be easier on the eyes of the viewers. After a year, the project has expanded to the 2021 event and moving into 2022, the branding has grown to all communication internally and is looking to expand externally in the near future.

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