I love working with brands of all shapes and sizes. If you are passionate about what you do, I am here to help!

Curious about building a brand or grow your existing one?

A new brand identity might be the answer.

A brand isn't a logo, nor is it colors, typography or even graphics, it's about how the audience responds and feels when they see your company or organization. As a brand designer, my goal is to help create a visualization that represents who your brand is at it's core, while also finding a way to resonate with your desired target audience.

If you find that your current brand is missing the mark, having issues communicating who you want to be and connecting with your audience then a new visuals are a great place to begin.

To help make this happen, I offer full visual branding services. Key services include logo design, bespoke color pallets, typography that fit's your brands tone and voice, along with any additional graphics to make sure you are up and running.

Trevor Morse and his dog Walter
Trevor Morse and his dog Walter

So you have an awesome branding, what's next?

It's time to launch the central point of your brand, a website.

When you have your branding established the next step is to think about how you're reaching your audience. That begins with a with launching a website. If you already have a site, this is also a perfect opportunity to make sure your new visuals and messaging are aligned and done so in a way where you audience can find you.

A good website is not just about communicating your product needs and services, it's about understanding your user's needs and giving them the information when and where the need and expect it.

I offer all of my branding clients website design assistance, with packages to fit your budget and needs. These services range from full custom designed sites on Webflow (such as the one you are on now), all the way to simply helping create a plan for you to build your own site. Other options include building sites more quickly on Squarespace for clients that need something up and running quickly and also wanting to stay within a tighter budget.

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