Bringing technology & public safety together through branding.

Bringing technology & public safety together through branding.
Lead Creative | Sr. Art Director
Idea Hall

Who is Taclogix

Taclogix is a team of experts throughout the public safety sector. They work with government entities to assess needs and pain points that can be solved utilizing new technology devices, software and processes.

Setting The Stage

Taclogix approached Idea Hall to help build their brand from the ground up. With a tight timeline and budget, efficiency was key to making sure the client was able to hit the ground running with upcoming events. As a startup that was growing rapidly, it was important to get their branding in place quickly and build a small website to support their team.

My Role

As the lead creative on the project, my role was to start with diligent market research, talking to the client , understand what their goals were for the project as well as find ways to inform our team on how to best approach the project efficiently.

Solving The Problem

We approached our partners with a variety of ways in, some that leaned mor tech, and others that skewed to public safety. The one that our clients fell in love with was the perfect mix of both. In the mark we brought together three key symbols: The X – indicating the intersection between public safety and technology. The next was the Lion(ess) – this depiction represented the decades of experience in protection. Lastly was the hexagon – symbolizing both strength and efficiency.

The color scheme is also rooted within symbolism for the two worlds. We started off with what we call Operation Black as the base. Next, to highlight technology, we looked ahead to the future in our Hologram Green. To compliment the cool-green we wanted something warm while also representing the public safety side of the house, for this color we looked to the past, bringin in what urban legend calls the root of the nickname "cops," – Copper buttons. With this insight gem, we developed Warm Gold, as the primary usage of the brand being digital, we wanted to really highlight the metal nature of the color, and utilized a gradient throughout the branding. To round out our colors, we brought in a nice cool grey and white as well.

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