Graphic Design | Print Production

Elevating printed catalogs to reach a new market

Elevating printed catalogs to reach a new market
Graphic Designer | Art Director
Top of The World

Who Is Top of the World (TOW)

Top of the World is leading the collegiate-licensed headwear and apparel market. TOW is licensed with over 700+ colleges and universities across the country. Top of the World employs more than 400 people and has locations in Oklahoma, Ohio, Michigan, and North Carolina. With exclusive deals with major universities such as The University of Oklahoma, Ohio State, Florida and Kentucky.

Setting The Stage

Merging with apparel company, J. America, in 2017, Top of the World set its sights on a new goal of going into a new market of "Campus Local," small mom and pop stores near campuses. This market typically does not purchase products from a numbers only perspective similar to national box stores like Dick's SPG, Lids, and Fanatics. Because of this insight we wanted to approach the new exclusive line with more design and and elevated content that showcased the items in the catalog in a more branded and unique way. Our design features large full bleed lifestyle images representing each catalog individually, easy to understand product descriptions, and using high-quality paper stocks and laminations to increase the aesthetic.

My Role

Along with graphic design, I produced automations that allowed us to quickly take content from the production team and build out each page of the catalog with one click of a button. This automation allowed our team to produce more individualized catalogs for our sales team moving forward without having to outsource content, ultimately resulting in more sales for our reps. Additionally, I was tasked with art directing the lifestyle photoshoot, strategically using colors and prints that can easily be versioned to various schools and graphics by myself and our team during the production process.

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