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Launching Top of The World's first pop-up-shop

Launching Top of The World's first pop-up-shop
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Top of The World

Who Is Top of the World (TOW)

Top of the World is leading the collegiate-licensed headwear and apparel market. TOW is licensed with over 700+ colleges and universities across the country. Top of the World employs more than 400 people and has locations in Oklahoma, Ohio, Michigan, and North Carolina. With exclusive deals with major universities such as The University of Oklahoma, Ohio State, Florida and Kentucky.

Setting The Stage

In 2018, top of the world was looking to find a way to make a splash at it's annual VIP event, in part because it was the first line of apparel that would be produced by Top of the World after the merger in late 2016. Our goal was to create the first ever Pop-Up-Shop and first retail experience from Top of the World. Since this was only going to be around a couple of weeks, everything had to be temporary, from the shelving, signage and even the employees. My job was to find a way to make it seem as if it was a permanent fixture in order to impress the other athletic and licensing directors and showcasing how the space could be done on their campus.

My Role

In addition to designing signage for the shop, I was in charge of branding the entire weekend's festivities and events, "VIP 2018." Along with the graphic design I worked with our team to develop a social strategy to help launch the shop and build awareness on the Michigan State campus to get students involved. This strategy included bringing in apparel artists for custom designed hats and shirts for customers as well as rivalry mural on a key wall in the store to create an instagramable moment within the shop. We help boost awareness by creating a temporary Instagram account and featuring spirit squad and mascot showings along with bringing in other key figures from the school.

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