Product Photography

New product photography for a new product line

New product photography for a new product line
Top of The World

Setting The Stage

This project is a series of photos that I shot and edited. The goal was to highlight the new features of the "BB" hat from Top of the World. With a structured style that has become a staple of Top of the World, the product development team utilized lighter and more breathable mesh to create even more comfortable design. We highlighted this new element by showcasing the hats in motion on a light background allowing the team colors to pop while also feeling each piece in movement. The floating effect was created using white styrofoam stands, which allowed the light to bounce off the product more naturally. They were later removed in the editing process. The goal behind this project was to showcase and test out how we can photograph products for catalogs compared to previous method which could feel stagnant and not as visually interesting.

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