Creating a sports therapy brand, that truly feels athletic.

Creating a sports therapy brand, that truly feels athletic.
Lead Creative | Designer
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Who Is Proform Physiotherapy

Proform Physiotherapy, is a brand new sports physical therapy and rehab clinic based in Dallas, TX. Proform works with athletes across all sports and ages to help recover and prevent injuries while playing the sports they love.

Setting The Stage

Going into 2020, the owner of a soon to be named physical therapy clinic approached me to help brand and name their new company. With Covid-19 hitting right as the company was taking off, it was imperative to help establish a brand quickly to make sure that they would be able to reach out to potential customers for telehealth services.


The first step for the project was to help naildown a name. After many naming exercises, ProForm was chosen. This name was based around two things, one, a call to action of telling athletes to perform, and two, the word broken down showcased how the clinic would help athletes achieve professional or peak form. With the name in place, we wanted to look at the market, not only in Dallas but across the world to see how other clinics would be visually represented. What was discovered is that from a branding standpoint many clinics were extremely medical, and did not give off an energetic or modern vibe. This was where we found we could really set ourselves apart from the competition. To complete the branding project, my team developed a website that was user friendly, felt modern and had easy booking access.

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